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Apple Stock is Making Decisions

Early on Friday, February 6th, Apple’s 20 day exponential moving average (EMA) moved below it’s 100 day EMA, setting up a flurry of selling that ended with [...]

Acting on GE’s Big Announcement

General Electric is one of the world’s biggest companies. In fact, they often go back and forth with Apple for being the world’s largest. However, a recent [...]

Candlestick Charts Reveal Short Term Change

Recently, the euro/U.S. dollar pair saw a big reversal signal in its charts, and that has led to the euro going up and the dollar going down in value. This has [...]

What You Need To Know About Commodity Investing

Commodities investing can be quite volatile at times, offering the potential for large gains, but also presenting the possibility of large losses as well. [...]

Trade Volume Considerations and Decision-Making

Try to make good money
No matter what types of investment you choose to earn with, trade volume is going to be a matter that must be taken into consideration. Obviously, an increased [...]